Inner Ecology

When I look in the mirror I usually frown, curse certain parts of my body, and always comes to me the word no. You’re not beautiful, you’re not perfect, you are not valid, they will not accept you with that face, no, no and no.

My body, my soul, my beauty,interconnected, have a fight for survival in the higher layers of the sphere of right. Sensorial pollution, much criticism, an loathing surrounds my view. Sometimes I think it is the society´s fault, the media, myself, ourselves, but something much deeper rooted in us, is immersed within the collective unconscious of women worldwide. It has survived for ever and ever. That pain, the one we can feel as something really mutual. Curious thing, isn´t it?, what is beauty?, why following those beauty trends?, who dictates those beauty standards?. Isn´t beauty supposed to be as subjective as the shape of the clouds flying over our heads?. They want us for their business, we are the weakness and submission that they want to impose through their aggressive advertising campaigns. You do not need anyone to tell you “because you’re worth it.”

You are worth infinite without any of those full of harmful toxic products they sell us. In the depths of your soul, happiness is waiting for you to notice her, it is there, dive into the depths of your awareness and find the most radiant, endless beauties, the essence of your being.

That is the true inner ecology, and through organic cosmetic you will be able to see yourself in a different way, not only as an object that needs to be perfect, that is what they tell us with those aggressive commercials. Reveal to that, we are human beings and we deserve to express ourselves through makeup in a safe way.

The connection with your self being is the greatest expression of existing beauty, your inner ecology.