Organic Mineral Makeup.

Have you ever wondered why your fluid foundation makeup, which you adore, don´t let your skin breathe?, feels as a plastic layer?. Don´t worry, it happens to many women. You get high coverage but paying the high price of clogging your pores and causing many problems to your skin. This is caused by the ingredients of the foundation itself. If it is a lower quality product, there will be used to give color, dyes, synthetic ingredients with petrochemical-based fillers, such as silicones, and possibly a powerful fragrance full of potential allergens.

Mineral makeup is a natural and organic solution to enjoy a uniform color without making a mess of the skin of your face. It is a soft mineral veil, completely natural, as it is composed of minerals found naturally on mother earth. Obviously, these minerals are refined to obtain an appropriate application, and especially due to its organic origin, they will give you a bright color that no other fluid base made with synthetic dyes will provide. The secret of a good makeup is always a good base, it is like a painting, we prime before the colors, shapes and textures. Mineral makeup is absolutely safe, and moreover, it is an excellent treatment for all skin types, the minerals act miraculously, healing most of the best known skin problems such as acne. In fact, present in most mineral makeup base helps regulate excess sebum on the skin zinc, and thus seals and heals those pesky pimples. Another wonderful benefits of mineral makeup is that it is very light when applied, and did not notice the heaviness of conventional fluid bases.In fact, zinc is present in most mineral makeup bases helping to regulate the excess of sebum on the skin, it seals and heals those blemishes. Another wonderful benefit of mineral makeup is that it is very light when applied, and makes it merely unnotiaceble from conventional fluid foundations.

It melts into your skin, you won’t notice it. If you like medium / high coverage there is no problem, mineral makeup holds several applications to get the desired effect. Many makeup artists suggest using a primer before applying the mineral makeup loose powder, I also recommend it, since priming firstly the skin will help minerals to give the best of themselves on your skin. There are alternatives as Bellapierre that has already in its mineral makeup pure mica, which acts as a fixative. It is a product with multiple applications, it can be used as a concealer, bronzer, a fluid-based sealant, etc… with different brushes, although the most used for the base is the kabuki brush. We can find many mineral makeup brands, my advice is to always read the ingredients, in this case less is always more. The fewer ingredients on the label,the safer the product is for you, it should be your beauty mantra.

Always look for 100% organic mineral makeup if possible, and if you are more exquisite, certified organic, as Inika, which is one of my favorite brands. Do not hesitate, mineral makeup is all a safe and full of alternative and possibilities for your daily makeup routine.