Learn how to take care of your body

It´s been a while since I started working in the world of makeup, it has allowed me to meet wonderful people, see how the world of filming goes, photo shootings and especially to further develop my creativity as an artist.

It is a rewarding activity, you share a special moment with the one that will receive the makeover, narrow talks about earthly things, but also raises the oldest human struggles, the stress through vanity and reaching beauty standards.

But, what is the price people are willing to pay for this beauty ritual? Beauty sometimes can be painful. To be honest, I’ve always had a conflict with my profession, which is between vanity, objectification of women, and the use of anything that can make you feel  the person you´ve  always wanted to be.

After spending a long time away from the brushes, going through a period of loneliness, sadness and suspicion, I have come to the conclusion that we can´t let anything get in our bodies in order to look good. We are poisoning ourselves through the cosmetics we use every day, such as toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, and of course MAKEUP, among many other products. Millions of women in the world in a daily basis, use petroleum derived products in their cosmetics, full of carcinogens and heavy metals, wrapped in glamorous packaging and vowing eternal beauty, meanwhile deposited daily in your organs can cause serious allergies, disruption of the reproductive system and the dreaded cancer . We are not conscious about the harms that this products are incurring in our health.

No matter how expensive is that super cream that promises you to clear the passage of time on your skin, it is also full of these toxins, like the cheaper beauty products, there is no difference, only the money that the company has spent on advertising in order to make you believe that “you’re worth it.” And if you do not believe what I am warning about, do a simple google search typing “cosmetics and its toxicity”, and in about two or three clicks you will see that reality outdoes fiction. And what about those ubiquitous sexist advertising campaigns, in which the woman is a mere object of ornamentation, which was promulgated eternal “if you’re not perfect and beautiful you are not valid.”

I chose not to continue working with conventional cosmetics. I do not want to contribute anymore through my career with this sexist and harmful idea of what beauty is. So I decided to go for the natural option, because there are alternatives to all this fierce industry. There are people who work every day to make all this delusion disappear, or at least to makes us wake up from our toxic slumber. Every day thank God, we are more people who turn our lives healthier and safer choosing organic cosmetics.

Say goodbye to the old paradigm, beauty is not suffering. We do deserve nature as a way of empowering our beauties. Go organic and ecological.