Our goal is clear; to show you that there are good alternatives for your health and thereby, through our workshops approaching to you a new concept of makeup without the sexist connotations of the large conventional cosmetic industry advertising campaigns. The brands that we are committed to are not using the objectification of women as a way of moneymaking. We and our goal, is to see makeup as a mean of expression, not repression.

In Daandelion we do believe strongly in the presence of nature as a healing element that helps creating an atmosphere of sisterhood in our workshops. Back at home in mother nature, where it all started for all of us is a fundamental way for the process of self-acceptance and creativity involved in the ritual of makeup.

You can buy organic makeup products in health food stores and countless websites. If you do a search on the internet you will see that we are not a few who have decided to switch to a green cosmetics. It is simple and easy, and in most online stores you can get trial size products before consumption.

Organic makeup respects the regenerative functions of your skin and your health and do not own any of the toxic ingredients in conventional cosmetics. There are countless organic certified brands that give you the assurance that you are dealing with a safe product for your body.

It is makeup that is produced without synthetic chemicals or petroleum products, not tested on animals, no synthetic fragrances, made ​​with natural ingredients from organic farming. Conventional cosmetic uses synthetic substances which have been shown to be toxic to our body. Its toxic ingredients accumulated in your body can lead to multiple health problems getting even partake of the occurrence of some types of cancer, reproductive problems, allergies etc ...