What is Daandelion?

Daandelion is a friendly place to find the world of creativity, makeup, ecology and the desire of experiencing something different.
We were born to give you a new perspective of the beauty world, healthier and brilliant. We invite you to meet us and share something great.

Why choosing us?

Because our activities take place surrounded by nature, we are traveling, we change, we adapt our workshops, we come to you in a different way from the typical urban context. We look forward to unleash the creativity of magic wrapped by natural landscapes, avoiding the pollution.

Because we know how to make this a good time to start a new way of understanding makeup and its origins.

Because like many people, we have a dream. We want to let the society know the danger of conventional cosmetics. Demystify that sometimes we think that makeup is rocket science. That through us is born in you a new awareness towards the environment and your own health.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make you feel comfortable, show you techniques that are not rocket science. Makeup is having fun, laughing, dreaming, and playing with colors that you thought you don´t dare to wear.

I have always considered myself a person who sees the world with an unusual perspective, perhaps sometimes too dreamy, but never too much when it is a matter of imagination and creativity.

I have lived in the United States, Burgos, Barcelona and now I reside in Bilbao.

I finished my degree in graphic design at Llotja school in Barcelona, and a makeup course years later. I have always questioned myself if having a degree or not makes you a worse or a better person. I am not here to tell you about my accomplishments, or garnish them for you to come to my workshops, you can see a selection of my work here on my web site if you want to.

I do not like conventionality, or see life in a limited way, so I decided to create Daandelion because I was tired of the insane vanity in the world of makeup, the untruth imposed by an industry that relies more every day in the cortex of things, unattainable standards of beauty and products full of toxic substances that most people are not aware of.

Organic cosmetics are a great way for me to express myself, they are safe, they do not promote a false image of women´s beauty, and they take care of the planet.

I have worked for some prestigious cosmetic brands as a sales consultant, but I was not happy, I felt myself as a doll with a brush set, selling the secret of happiness through an eyeshadow. I wanted to do make up, to create urgently, and my hands were torn between the brush or death. Thank God some day they fired me because of my low sales…They only wanted to take profit of my artistry in order to make even more money selling toxic cosmetics. The Universe has always a better deal for us, but sometimes a door must be closed in order to see it.

Today I can tell it was one of the best things that ever happened to me, because now I can be myself, create and continue to see the world from my point of view, and especially meeting you, and together spending a good time with colors, textures surrounding our female smiles with inspiring landscapes.

Art is you, your hands, your face, every wrinkle, every scar, every birthday cake, every gray hair. Beauty is so subjective and inherent in all that we see, that we forget that it is not a mathematical formula.

Laura Rasines